Guided Meditation on Wednesday

relax and enjoy inner peace

Posted by Eska Lou Averbeck (2019-09-16)

Event is already over.

On Wednesday (2019-09-18) at 5:00 pm we’re offering the opportunity to participate in a guided meditation. You can take a mental journey with us and leave your day-to-day life behind for some time. Of course attendance is completely voluntary and free of charge.

YAY is meditating: Once a month if you feel like it!

We’ll be taking a break from the routine of everyday life and try to reach inner peace and serenity. The guided meditation will be taking place in a cozy atmosphere. Together we want to find out, what is most appealing to you and maybe schedule similar events on a regular basis!

Important note: In case your mental health is somewhat difficult, it might be a good idea to ask your therapist, if meditation could be beneficial for you. You could also speak to Lisa beforehand. Our meditation is intended to get some relaxation in a busy day, but it’s no substitute for therapy.

Further information regarding our individual advice

If you’re not into meditating, as usual you’ll be able to use the kicker, dartboard, computers, play table tennis, darts or gaming consoles.

Photo by Rémi Bertogliati on Unsplash