Wednesday during our regular meeting

Posted by Club Offerings (2019-06-12)

Event is already over.

On Wednesday (2019-06-19) we’re going to arrange a clothes-swapping opportunity during this regular meeting!

Are there old clothes piling up that you don’t wear anymore? Do you think that time has come to start a wardrobe revolution? Or do you need new clothing but have no money left for anything?

Then go and get your old clothes that are still in a good condition and replace them with items of other visitors on June 19th at Falkendom! Get yourself and others a good deal, save a pile of money and help the environment!

Did you know that it takes about 2000 liters of water to make one new t-shirt? You’d rather fill up 10 bathtubs with a massive amount of liquid like this!

Photo by Leighann Renee on Unsplash