CSD Bielefeld 2019

our presence on Saturday

Posted by PR and Social Networking (2019-06-05)

Event is already over.

On Saturday (2019-06-08) the Bielefelder Pride will take place in front of the Old Town Hall. We invite everyone who is interested to visit us and join us during the pride parade.

Our stand

We’ll run our own information booth at the pride. There you will not only find that we provide information, but also leaflets, stickers and the opportunity to use our pin machine to design and make your own pins.

The booth will be set up between 1pm and 2pm and we’ll take it down after 9pm. We are happy about every person who likes to spontaneously assist us in doing so.


We’ll meet up at 3pm at our booth. At the same time the rainbow flag will be raised at the Old Town Hall. Afterwards the march through Bielefeld will start at 3.15pm. It will end at around 4.15pm.

From 4.30pm onwards the street festival will take place in front of the town hall. You can join us at our booth or simply enjoy the festival.