Update on our Self-Understanding

two additional Regulations

Posted by Self-Concept Comitee (2019-06-01)

On June 1st 2019 several changes of our self-concept came into effect. These changes were approved overwhelmingly in the assembly of the whole on May 6th and 8th and unanimously in the council of representatives on May 27th in the form of two acts.

The most important change is the merging of multiple committees. The committees for open club and for special events are merged into the committee for offers in the youth club. The committees for public relations and for networking are merged into the committee for public relations and networking.

The number of committees is thereby reduced from seven to five. Also the establishment and dissolution of committees is now the exclusive competence of the assembly of the whole. In this context the act about the divisions of the committees was also rewritten.

Furthermore the educational staff can now bring more qualifications along. Contact persons are now obligated to hand in an extended police record. Also our youth club acknowledges the selfcommitment declaration of the Queer Youth NRW. Furthermore principles for elections in the assembly of the whole, the publicity of sessions of the council of representatives and its obligation to take minutes were codified.

You may download the new codex (347,7kB PDF-file, DE) right away.

Further updates can be found on the site:

Who are we?

Written by Alessandro, committee for self concept

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