Update on our Self-Understanding

four additional Regulations

Posted by Self-Concept Comitee (2019-04-16)

On April 1st the council of representatives passed four acts. These acts came into effect after signing by our educational worker on April 3rd.

The acts include further provisions about:

  • the elections of the representatives of the committees,
  • the common handling,
  • the contact persons and
  • the divisions of the committees.

They complement the self concept at different points. Therefore the organization in the youth club is mostly completed.

The passing of the acts was taken as an occasion by the committee for self concept to merge the self concept and the acts into a complete codex of provisions in the youth club.

You may download the new codex (310,6kB PDF-file, DE) right away.

Further updates can be found on the site:

Who are we?

Written by Alessandro, committee for self concept

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash