Call for Protest: #SaveTheInternet

on Saturday 2:00 pm, Bielefeld main station

Posted by PR and Social Networking (2019-03-17)

Event is already over.

We prompt you all to attend the upcoming protest for freedom of the internet. The reason for this call is the planned EU copyright reform. It constitutes a huge threat to the free exchange of opinions and culture online.

The gravity of the situation really got noticeable, when German Wikipedia jointly agreed on a 24-hour total blackout two days before protests are taking place all over Europe! (Source)

On Saturday (2019-03-23) there is a protest announced in our local area too, starting at 2:00 pm at Bielefeld main station.

The Pirate Party of Bielefeld has published a summary regarding the event.

Be sure to take part and share our call, if you want to support freedom of the internet and if you don’t want to get censored by error-prone machines and their faulty algorithms!

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Photo by Andreas Krupa alias eosAndy
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