Farewell JZ Kamp

Let's spray some walls!

Posted by Club Offerings (2019-03-04)

Event is already over.

Time has finally come: Our current location, the JZ Kamp will be renovated all over! For the oldest youth club in Germany the federal state and the city of Bielefeld allocated public funds of 3 million euros.

On Monday (2019-03-11) we’re going to have our last day in JZ Kamp, before moving to our transit location later this week.

Find out more details regarding the new home in our followup post.

For saying good-bye to the old building, there will be a graffiti event. Also some pieces of old furniture will be available for destruction.

If you want to visit us that day, think of wearing old clothes that can get dusty, dirty or coloured with paint!

Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle on Unsplash