Costume party on Saturday

at JZ Kamp, from 6pm till 10pm

Posted by Special Events (2019-02-28)

Event is already over.

This Saturday (2019-03-02) from 6pm till 10pm at JZ Kamp, where we are meeting regularly during the week, we’re going to host a costume party!

You can expect some music and also free snacks and soft drinks. There will be an area where you can get your faces painted too.

We’d love to see every single one of you wearing colorful and/or funny costumes! However we won’t be mad if you just show up wearing your everyday outfit. :)

Hint: If you’re not exhausted from partying at 10pm, be sure to head for the queer scene-pub Mutti’s Bierstube at Friedrich-Verleger-Straße 20, 33602 Bielefeld. Over there a quite similar party will be prepared for the same evening.

Photo by Silas Hao on Unsplash